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Dry Beans- Bush Type


Cannellini-OUT OF STOCK    

90 days 

Italian heirloom; white kidney bean great for traditional

minestrone soup.  Productive plants proformed well in our

fields.  Easy to grow, fun to harvest, great winter activity

threshing and eating beans!



Jacob’s Cattle- OUT OF STOCK  

90 days

Popular Maine heirloom originally from the Passamaquody tribe.

Vigorous plants produce abundant cluster of bean pods and when

allowed to rippen/dry on the plant, yield beautiful kidney shaped

white beans with deep red cattle-like markings. 

Great bake bean for bean-hole-beans, soups, and chili.




85 days

Classic bean for traditional Maine baked beans.  Fairly round,

exquisite tan bean with a very small white eye where they connect

to their podMarfax cook up plump and have a very creamy texture. 



Midnight Black- OUT OF STOCK

88 days

Beautiful deep purple-black beans are small-medium sized. 

Very productive plants with early violet flowers that grow

into prolific  clusters of pods with 5-6 beans per pod on average. 

Great for chili and soups.



Soldier - OUT OF STOCK

90 days

New England heirloom traditionally used for baked beans.

White kidney bean with dark maroon soldier figure for an eye. 

Great multi-purpose bean that holds its markings when cooked.  



Cannellini on Fire

An heirloom I discovered from some cannelini that I saved one year

and have been growing for a few years.  The parents are Cannellini

and tongue of fire.  The crossed one year and I loved the way they

looked some much that I grew them out for two years and found

they're really beautiful!






Soy Beans Glycine max



90 days 

High yeilding, excellent for early edamame or to grow out for tofu. 

Beans are green and medium sized and are my personal favorite for

edamame (boil pods whole for a few minute strain and salt.  Eat them

as a snack holding stem bite whole pod and pull it out of your mouth

catching the beans on your teeth as you remove the pods.  The salt mixes

with the beans in your mouth and the result is a unique experience!).



Black Pearl -  OUT OF STOCK

85 days

Plants are productive with loads of pods each bearing 3-4 medium sized

matte black soy beans.  Black soybeans have a richer flavor then green

soybeans and are great for edamame, tofu, and tempeh.

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