Packet size:  50 seeds/packet 

Packet price: $3.00 



Abnaki Rose Flour Corn

80-90 days

A beautiful flour corn used as a staple food crop by the Abnaki in New England

and unique to the Kennebec River Valley here in central Maine.  Original stock seed 

donated and saved from extinction by Albi Barden.  Beautiful ears of corn with intense

patterns of dark rose splotches over white kernels.  Good for making corn meal and flour. 




Baxter Sweet Corn

80-90 days 

A very old open-pollinated sweet corn variety developed

for canning factories in Maine.  Canning factories (most located in

central and western Maine) were situated in farming communities

in order to have access to fresh corn and employed thousands of people

(mostly women and children) in the 19th century.

Ears are solid and fat with juicy sweet, bright yellow kernels.  A

short plant habitat produces two ears dependably on each plant

during our short growing season.  Stock seed donated and saved

from extinction by Will Bonsall.


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