Packet price: $3.00


Giant Grey Mammoth Sunflower

Helianthus annuus

80 days

 50 seeds/packet.

10 foot tall giant plants produce huge flowers and are great

for sunflower seeds....














Hopi Tobacco

Nicotiana rustica

75 days

One of three common varieties grown and used by the Hopi Tribe of

the American Southwest who developed a unique style of dry-land farming

that enabled crops to be grown in an arid climate that averages only

9” of rain a year. Also known as Sacred Tobacco, Hopi Tobacco is used when

planting and gathering food, for healing, and for ceremonies. Annual plants

grow in a rosette habit with large tender leaves and can reach up to

4’ when flowering. Many green-yellow trumpet shaped flowers attract

pollinators and other beneficial insects. A very unique and interesting

ornamental addition. We obtained our original stock seed from a

traveler as a trade for homemade bread back in 1999.

100 seeds/packet.

169 Hilton Hill Rd.  Cornville, ME 04976

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