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Buckwheat- out of stock

Fagopyrum esculentum

Technically not a wheat, buckwheat is actually

closely related to rhubarb and sorrel.  

Buckwheat's uses extend from an excellent

green manure and cover-crop, to outstanding

grain for human and animal consumption,

to bee's nectar source for highly desired

buckwheat honey.  A key ingredient in the

traditional Acadian dish known as ployes

common in Northern Maine and Canada,

buckwheat originated around 6,000 B.C. in

Asia and is used in cuisines world-wide.  

300 seeds/packet.





Oats- out of stock

Avena sativa

Originating in the Fertile Crescent,

oats are now grown in most temperate

areas of the world.  Oats are commonly

grown for human consumption

(usually in the form of rolled

oats or medicinally as a tea made

from milky oat tops) as well as

for animal feed.  Oats are also a standard

and highly valuable fall cover-crop.  

600 seeds/packet.







Red Fife-out of stock

Triticum aestivum

Native to Western Ukraine, Red Fife

was widely grown throughout

Canada in the 1800's.  

An excellent heritage wheat slowly

regaining it's former popularity,

Red Fife sets the standard for many

contemporary wheat varieties.  

A landrace variety that is adaptable to

most conditions, Red Fife is best

suited to northern growing conditions

as a spring planted

crop (i.e. spring wheat).

600 seeds/packet.

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