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Lacinato Kale- out of stock

Brassica oleracea

30 days baby, 60 days full size

Traditional Italian kale also known as Cavolo Nero, Tuscan, or Dino kale.  

Oblong blue-green leaves are mostly flat with a slightly bumpy or

"blistered" surface.  Prolific plants with outstanding flavor that lend

themselves to any myriad of dishes that call for a hearty green.  Highly nutritious.



Red Russian Kale

Brassica napus

25 days baby, 50 days full size

Large lobed leaves are bright green with purplish-red stems;

leaves also obtain a purple hue when exposed to cooler temperatures.

Plants consistently out perform our expectations with great yield and

cold-hardiness. Sweetest just after a few frosts, this dependable winter

green can either be protected with row cover or not for keeping through

the winter and is the most tender of all kale varieties. Also an excellent

early green in the spring, kale can be sown in a hoophouse or cold frame

or into early ground like spinach. Originating in Siberia, Red Russian kale

was introduced to the Americas through trade in the late 1800’s.



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