Packet size: 50 seeds/packet  

Packet price: $3.00



Watermelon, Citrullus lanatus-

70 days

Super early dark blue/green fruits with dark red flesh

which is super sweet and juicy when allowed to vine ripen.  

One of my favorite watermelons I've ever grown because

of it earlier ripening time and large sizer. 8-10 lb.s fruits. 

Pride of Wisconsin 

Cucumis melo

95 days

Delicious, sweet, and juicy make this an heirloom standard in our books!

Orange fleshed muskmelon with a netted rind and oblong shape.  Plants

yield multiple fruits per vine, each averaging approximately 6lbs.  A truly 

outstanding melon visually as well as taste-wise.  Originally a market mainstay

in the Midwest beginning in the 1920's.



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