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*All Seed Packets are $3.00 each.

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Shipping Charges-

1-8 seed packets add $4.00

8-18 seed packets add $7.50

19-30 seed packets add $10.00

Free shipping on all orders over $60.00

  To order: Either print off order form or list your selection on a piece of paper and send it with a check or money order, including shipping, made out to Groundswell Seed Farm.  Mail to: Groundswell Seed Farm- 169 Hilton Hill RD. Cornville, ME. 04976.  Our ordering is seasonal; it begins January 1st and ends May 1st.  

Thank you -Michael Bowman

Plant Type                    Variety                                               Quantity                  Price per unit                   Total

169 Hilton Hill Rd.  Cornville, ME 04976


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