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Costata Romanesco

75 days

The best zucchini sqaush I've ever grown a true champion for

prolonged harvests through out the summer.  Another fine Italian

Heirloom grown right here in Cornville, Maine!

TROMBONCINO- out of stock

Cucurbita moschata

95 days

A.K.A. Zucchetta, is a great duel purpose squash (good for summer

and winter) that produces fruit that is shaped like a funky trombone.

Described as a watery butternut squash it also stores really well, as far

as I can tell; we still have one from 2016 and it's january 2018,

currently.  If you like growing an adventure try this squash. I

enjoyed watching it develop into a huge squash plant and

then later to see it produce really huge fruits.  Originally

from Linguria, Italy. 



169 Hilton Hill Rd.  Cornville, ME 04976


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