Packet size: 50 seeds/packet

Packet price: $3.00



Amish Paste

74 days-Indeterminate

Amish heirloom from a community in Wisconsin.  Large, red, 8oz fruits

are somewhat oxheart shaped and yield high on sprawling vines. Great for

sauces and canning but also have good fresh eating qualities.



Arkansas Traveler

80 days-Indeterminate

Medium sized round, rose fruit with smooth skin that is resistant

to cracking. Heat and humidity tolerant. Great for fresh eating but can

also be used for sauces. American classic.




80 days

Distinctly ribbed, somewhat squat, bright pink, medium sized fruit originally 

from Indonesia.  Fruits grow in clusters and are aromatic with a deep fruity 

flavor.  Rare.



Beauty King

85 days

Orange, yellow, and red streaked beefsteak tomato.  Large fruits with sweet

flavor to match!  A new Groundswell favorite bred by Wild Boar Farm.  

Beauty King is a cross between Big Rainbow and Green Zebra.




70 days-Determinate

Plants bear loads of clusters of medium 4oz red, plum shaped fruit that

ripen early and keep going late. Great northern variety for paste, sauce,

and fresh in salads. Originally developed in Ontario, Canada.



Black From Tula

75 days

7oz round, smooth, maroon colored fruit with dark green shoulders.

Stabilized by local farmers in Tula, Russia, this heirloom has intense flavor

with an average yield on tall, sturdy vines.



Black Krim

80 days

Vigorous and healthy plants yield prolifically. Large fruit can weigh up to 1lb.

Striking color ripens from green-brown to purple-black when fully ripe.

Excellent flavor is highlighted best when eaten fresh.

From the Crimea Peninsula on the northern coast of the Black Sea.




80 days-Indeterminate

If allowed to fully ripen, you can’t find better flavor in a beefsteak.

Very large, deep pink, meaty fruit on potato leaf foliage.

Not a high yielder, but what you get in flavor makes up for it!



Cherokee Purple

85 days-Indeterminate

Large 10-12 once fruit are smooth skinned with slightly ribbed shoulders.

Ripens to dusky pink/dark purple with green shoulders with a very sweet

tomato flavor packed into dense fruit. Interior gel surrounding seeds is

uniquely green when the fruit is ripe.



Cosmonaut Volkov

75 days-Indeterminate 

Abundant yields of bright red, round fruit averaging 8oz. Honorably named

after Vladislav Volkov, a Russian astronaut who lost his life re-entering

Earth’s atmosphere. Sweet and tangy; great as a slicing tomato.



Crnkovic Yugoslavian

80 days

Beefsteak fruits are large (weighing over 1lb!), rich, and juicy.

Best for fresh eating, plants are productive and yield many pink fruits that

are resistant to cracking. Originally from Yugoslavia.




75 days

An excellent, bright yellow cherry tomato.  Fruits are sweet, consistently

shaped at 1" round on average, and abundant.  Russian heirloom.



Green Zebra

75 days-Indeterminate 

Striking, medium sized (5oz) fruit ripen from light green and dark green

striped to dark green and gold striped. Tangy, productive fruit pairs well

visually with Red Zebra. A unique addition to your tomato collection.

Bred by Thomas Wagner.



Hillbilly Potato Leaf

75 days-Indeterminate 

Potato leaf foliage productively bears beautiful, large, juicy beefsteak fruit.

With excellent flavor, the color on this tomato is just as amazing. Deep red

at the blossom end of the fruit gradually tappers to bright yellow-orange

near the stem creating almost a tie-died effect. Similar coloring is reflected

when the fruit is sliced exposing a bright, dense, fleshy seed cavity.



Hungarian Heart

85 days

Pinkish red, meaty, oxheart fruit with yellow shoulders yielding fruits

that weigh 1lb on average.  Deep flavor great for processing.

Originally from Budapest.



Italian Heirloom

85 days

Massive, dark red, oxheart fruit, with minor yellowing on shoulders.

Exceptional flavor excellent for both fresh eating and second only

to San Marzano for preserving.



Japanese Black Trifele

80 days

Pear shaped, richly flavored, meaty fruit with green streaked shoulders tapering

to red then deep purple/black at the base.  Average fruit size is 6oz.  Fruits are

crack resistant and plants are highly productive.



80 days-Indeterminate 

Healthy plants give high yields of orange-gold medium fruits (6oz on average)

that are consistently smooth, round, and uniform. Low acidity and great flavor.

Excellent for fresh eating; can also be used for uniquely colored ketchups, sauces,

and salsas. A Groundswell favorite in the field since we first grew it in 2009.



Matt’s Wild Cherry

85 days-Indeterminate

Vigorous vines bear a high yield of small, clustered, delicate, bright red fruit

1/2 inch in diameter. Very sweet, delicious flavor.  Great for garden grazing!

Has proven to be naturally blight resistant. Named after Dr. Matt Liebman,

formerly of the University of Maine, who first propagated the variety from a

descendant of the first wild tomatoes domesticated in Mexico.



Mortgage Lifter

80 days-Indeterminate

Mortgage Lifter is said to have been developed in the 1930’s by mechanic

Radiator Charlie Byles from Logan, West Virginia. His mission was to breed a

bigger (or perhaps the biggest!) and overall better tomato.  Supposedly, he payed

off his mortgage by selling the seedlings for a dollar each!  We like this tomato for

its high yields of massive (over 2lbs) bright red beefsteak fruits with excellent,

mild flavor.  A classic American heirloom tomato.



OSU Blue

80 days

Developed at Oregon State University, this was introduced as the very first

commercially available blue tomato. Bred using traditional methods, this small

to medium sized, round tomato has increased levels of antioxidants found in

most foods that are naturally blue/purple . The fruit ripens from green to true

deep blue and will show some red at the blossom end if left to fully ripen on the

vine (interior flesh is red). The blue color of the skin is deepened with exposure

to sunlight, so pruning can help bring out this tomato’s unique color!

Foliage also is a gorgeous deep blue-green.



Pantano Romanesco

90 days-Indeterminate

8-12oz deep red fruits are slightly ribbed near the shoulder and are highly

productive. The intense true tomato flavor lends itself well to sauces but can

also be used like a meaty slicer. Shoulders may remain green on some ripe

fruit.  Italian heirloom.



Red Zebra

80 days-Indeterminate

Uniform pink and red striped fruit ripen to deep red and gold striped. High yielding

fruits average 4oz. Good flavor for salads and sandwiches. Parentage includes the

Green Zebra tomato; pair together for a unique visual treat!




85 days-Determinate

Bred from San Marzano parentage in the 1950’s to be resistant to fusarium wilt,

Roma paste tomatoes are great for sauce and have a high yield of medium-sized,

red, plum shaped fruit on plants that can have a purplish hue.



Rose de Berne

75 days

Uniform, round, rose colored, sweet fruit weighing 6oz on average.  Plants are highly

productive.  We found this variety to do exceptionally well trellised

in our hoop-house.



Rosso Sicilian

80 days-Indeterminate

Rare, ribbed fruits reminiscent of a flower when cut in half along the middle

exposing a somewhat hollow seed cavity. Very little water content and great flavor

make this medium sized tomato good for sauce, canning, or paste.

Originally from Sicily.



Ruby Gold

85 days-Indeterminate

Mostly deep yellow with marbled streaks of ruby red and pink, these large beefsteak

tomatoes (each averaging over 1lb) have excellent, sweet, non-acidic flavor.

As beautiful sliced as they are whole. Surprisingly high yielding for a beefsteak.



San Marzano

80 days-Indeterminate

The quintessential Italian paste tomato. Prolific yields of 4-5 inch long plum shaped

tomatoes with a distinct tapered end that grow in clusters of 5-6 fruits.  

Exceptional flavor.  


Truckers’ Favorite

85 days-Indeterminate

Dark pink, round fruits grow in a tight cluster of 3 fruits each averaging about 8oz.

Very uniform shape and ripening as well as resistance to cracking made this slicer

stand out as a shipping gem in the early 1900’s.

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